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Build a TSheets time clock with a tablet and a Mob Armor mount

With a tablet, the TSheets app and a Mob Armor mount you have the perfect time clock solution. Our products accommodate all tablets and promote optimal usability of the best timekeeping system for your employees.

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Mob Armor Mounts: Any Tablet, Any Place

With three adjustable slides, the Mob Armor Universal can accommodate almost any 7" - 12" tablet in any orientation. This mount also has the ability to tilt and rotate so that all of your employees can easily use the device. The Tab Mount comes in different configurations so you can set up your kiosk in the ideal location for the perfect workplace. This is just one of the many tablet mounting options that we offer to fulfill your needs.


Why Mob Armor mounts are perfect mounts for your TSheets Time Clocks

TSheets Time Clock has advanced features to cut down on buddy punching - it snaps a photo right as employees clock in so you have a record. Mob Armor's wall mounts position the kiosk at face level for the best photos. These mounts are easily adjustable so short and tall employees can easily reposition the kiosk to get the best shot.


The Right Mount for the Modern Office

Our products can be mounted in a variety of different ways. You can use suction cups to mount your devices to windows or mirrors. If you would prefer something a little more permanent, then you can hard mount your tablet to a wall. No matter the scenario, Pad Grips has the mounting solution you need to create the complete timeclock solution.


What to look for in a mount:

  • Ability to position the tablet at face level for the best pictures
  • Locking: if you're concerned about the tablet walking away, a cable lock is recommended.

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